Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lets start with confusion...even if it does not make perfect literary sense.

Confusion; one of the real permanent states of mankind. Blessed is the man who has nothing to think. Or is he ? Is he not missing out on something ? Is he not ignorant of the world, the truth, the reality. Dare I say he is missing out on the truth.

What is the truth ? Do we know what it is ? Is there anything called the objective truth ? If there is, then do we all share that same truth ? If we don't what is the purpose of our so called rational decision making process, that which involves facts, information and knowledge ?

How can we truly say we have gained knowledge, if there is no objective test to it ? How can I claim to know more than somebody else, if all that I know can be falsified the very next moment, if everything is just relative to my perception and my prism of vision ?

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